Why we Made QView!

QView version 1 was originally created for a small custom mattress Manufacturing company called Sleep Boutique (www.sleepboutique.ca). Their workload became overwhelming to manage as every order was different and one customer might have several custom products per order. At the time they were using their accounting system, pulling reports, creating work schedules and spreadsheets, and then distributing it to the product team. The production team would then spend time going over what was complete and still in progress. This was time consuming, fraught with errors, and was repeated weekly.

As Sleep Boutique grew it was time to change and get more organized. They spent the time to look for a system or tool that could do what it needed. They reviewed so many ERP/MRP, work load scheduling, and work flow systems but none were quite right.

Most of these systems were too large and complicated for a job shop of this size. They were also designed so that the company would have to change to work with the system, instead of a system changing to work with the company. None of the systems were designed for smaller custom manufactures, job shops, Make to Order, or D2C Direct to Consumer manufactures.

Another factor that was important was having a system that was as easy as paper for the production team. The production team simply needed to see the work in their queue and know what to do next. The system needed to be easy to use for these team members.

So, Sleep Boutique created their own customized system built for themselves. Once QView was created life at the business became much better. There were less errors, more time for both management and the production team, and the visibility to see all the work and know what is being done at any moment. They were also able to do more complicated designs which created to product lines that were too hard to manage on paper.

The system worked so well we decided to make it available to all custom manufactures and job shops that needed to get off paper, get organized, and grow their business.

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